Parking downtown is getting worse, not better!

Parking downtown is getting worse, not better! -
Fri, 08/13/2010 - 18:27

Parking in Charlottetown has never been great, but I think most people will agree that there are a few more metered spots available in the downtown core now than before the big crackdown on all-day parking.

The thing is, where did all those cars go? Sure, some went to the parkades, but downtown workers have complained that there weren’t many vacancies in them. Some probably went a little further out, to the two-hour spots (or no time-limit sports) not quite downtown.

But with complaints I’ve heard from provincial civil servants, I’m guessing a lot of them migrated to the large provincial building parking lot near Rochford Street and the entrance to Victoria Park. People with access to park there for their jobs say they come to work in the morning and see many people getting out of their cars in the same lot and walk uptown. Granted a few of them may be going for their morning double double, but more likely, most of them are heading for downtown businesses and their jobs.

Mayoral candidate Philip Brown says the province is eyeing the land between Brighton Road and the lieutenant-governor’s residence to expand parking. Before they waste another green space and much of my green (tax dollars), why not issue parking passes to all the civil servants who work in the provincial buildings and see just how many spaces they need?

With the move of those education jobs from there to Summerside, there are a few dozen more spots freed up and with the real picture, maybe the taxpayers don’t need to shell out for more asphalt.

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