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Billie-Jane Buell

Ready or not here I come- “Shorts Season!”

What do shorts have to offer us this fine 2010 summer?

 Ladies before gentlemen-

We are all familiar with the usual suspects-            

Hot Pants, cargo shorts, tap shorts, short shorts, boy shorts, walking shorts, exercise shorts, and Bermuda shorts

The trick with shorts is to know which style and cut suit your personal body shape best.

Ladies Shorts                                     

Lets start with the deadliest style that shorts has to offer-

Warning-Hot Pants-Super sexy- only if worn properly!

none;text-autospace:none">Requirements for the vintage style hot pants (which by the way Ladies are on all the run ways this summer): Long slender legs, extreme confidence, and a pair of good heels

Short shorts- Are less dangerous                                  

  Although tricky to wear- short shorts are more do-able than hot pants                                                                                 

 Short shorts- are very in style right now if you have the body for it. Dressy loose cut short-shorts-You can get dressy short shorts- such as black with a cuff in a dress pant fabric, that hang loose-rather than tight bum huggers: can look quite dressy and tasteful.  Avoid super stiff fabric and big casual pockets on the bum- for the dressy short shorts.                                                               


Make sure your short shorts- fit you well- wedgies aren’t flattering here. Be careful not to get short     shorts that are tight on your leg- that will not only be uncomfortable but will also make your legs       look larger than they are-not good!

Casual Short-shorts-

Daisy Dukes (otherwise known as denim cut offs).  have always been a classic; you don’t have to reveal your bum cheeks either. A pair of flip flops, a great flowly white blouse, a fun summer bangle bracelet, and a pair of distressed denim cut offs can be quite relaxed, feminine and fun.


TIP: When Short shorts are worn properly- they can really look great! A wedge heel always looks nice with short shorts and a looser style top to balance your short shorts.  


 Feminine Walking Shorts- 


Walking shorts – shouldn’t look butchy / or Granny-Boat

They should instead be a lean cut- Fitted – straight leg (not tight).

A walking short can be very sexy and flattering for most women.  Throw away all your old walking shorts that are high wasted with big bum pockets in a heavy cotton- these shorts are very out dated, too butchy, and unflattering- they need to go!

 Keep your personal body proportion in mind when picking the hem length, it makes all the difference!

You don’t want your feminine walking shorts to cut your leg in an unflattering place; or for your shorts to tapper in as they go toward your knee, this will accent your hips! Depending on your body shape a looser leg might look great, or a fitted lean cut might look awesome- either way-They should all be slightly above the knee.

If you are a bit on the short side- walking shorts need to be shorter to keep you in proportion!



Tend to your toes and feet before putting on sandals please! A pedicure is always a good idea before showing off those toes- make sure this summer that you aren’t picking a nail polish that is too loud and fighting with your clothing- pick a color that compliments your look! Having your toes and feet looking good- knocks off years to your over all look! It’s an important finishing touch for the summer!

A peek-a-boo-toed heel or wedge (Both very a la mode this 2010 summer) makes your legs look great with that added little lift, which makes a walking short look very feminine and stylish.

If you are tall- then you can wear a walking short with flats, (there are lots of fun flats out there right now as well), although this creates a more casual look.


Make sure you have smooth lines- good undies are important when wearing shorts. If you have a bumpy, or bulging derrière- then wear some structured undies that smooth your fanny!  For instance we’ve all seen it- it’s extremely unflattering to have white shorts on- that feature your ill-fitting underwear!

Whether shorts are casual or dressy- appropriate bloomers are key!

Get shorts that suit you / your body shape / and your body’s proportion- then go for it!

Be brave this Summer Ladies- show some leg!


Men’s shorts

Fellas-You too have options in the land of shorts-

Be thankful that breeches aren’t still in style!

 From the late14th- the early16th century: Breeches which were- (knee length tight pants worn with hose) were the latest style for men- oh la la!

 Shorts for men have come a long way- and are available in different styles and colors these days!

Bermuda shorts, army shorts, trouser shorts, cargo shorts, retro shorts-

This season many designers have shown trouser shorts- in neutral tones. Paired with monochrome shirts. That look is fine and dandy when you want to look very polished and dressed up; but when you are just having a sunny day in the Maritimes, you can go with shorts that are a bit more on the casual side.

Casual Shorts

Cargo shorts / Army shorts all look great on most men.


 Avoid shorts that are too short or have pleated fronts

Also please don’t wear your black socks pulled up super high- unless you are oozing with style- and live in Europe!

Plaid shorts aren’t only for golfers or old men who smoke pipes; they can be fun in a modern cargo style.

Toe-time- If you aren’t wearing loafers, golf shoes, or cool runners with low ankle socks-with your shorts- and are sporting sandals- make sure you pay attention to your toes!

A pedicure isn’t only for the Ladies, ugly unmaintained toe nails and dry cracked feet aren’t masculine looking they are offensive. Make sure you give your feet some love before throwing on your flip-flops.

Retro Shorts

Men’s retro shorts- look like mechanic pants that are turned into shorts, great simple no fuss style, super casual and very modern this Season!

 Go ahead Guys- you too should show some leg this summer; just be sure to leave the wool socks and sandals look behind!



Stylin' with Buell Designs by Billie-Jane Buell
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Billie-Jane Buell is a Fashion stylist / Wardrobe and Image Consultant:

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Billie-Jane is the set designer on two cooking shows for the Food Network: Chef At Home, and French Food At Home and has also been a personal dresser to many famous celebrities such as: Farrah Fawcett, Jessica Lange, Jennifer Beals, Peter Gallagher, Forest Whitaker, and Chef Michael Smith!

As a personal stylist and wardrobe expert for both men and women, Billie-Jane improves a person's confidence through the enhancement of his or her own personal style. She gives her clients the understanding and skills to dress fashionably in clothes that suit their shape, size, function, and budget Billie-Jane is a natural when it comes to style!

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