Saving our lighthouses



I appreciate that the Prime Minister’s wife Laureen was in Prince Edward Island hoping to promote tourism, with a Chinese version of our beloved Anne of Green Gables book. Now, with tourism in mind the thought of losing our lighthouses, not only in Prince Edward Island, but across the country is truly frightful. Imagine who would go to Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia to see a pole with a light on top it, rather than the picturesque lighthouse that stands there now. I have sent a petition off to save a lighthouse near my home, but, in truth, I’m a little afraid of the responsibility this will entail to me financially. DFO says it is because of technology that they are deeming the lighthouses surplus, but to me, they are just as much a part of our heritage as any Lucy Maude Montgomery novel, and should be treated as such. Already, we are losing many of our white church’s, our red clay roads are being paved, and now our lighthouses? I hope Prime Minister Harper and Mrs. Harper can help us to not lose a very significant part of our landscape that is vital to the tourism industry. What would we call the Lighthouse Trail if they are no longer standing? They have helped and aided so many mariners in the past, now it is our turn to help them. (Letter was sent to Prime Minister Stephan Harper, March 19, 2012)


Gena Yeo

North Wiltshire, PEI

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