Tignish chosen to receive 2,000 tulip bulbs

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Wed, 10/16/2013 - 04:15

By Zack Metcalfe

The Tignish gardens, most notably the Legion’s Veteran Memorial Gardens, recently earned the community national recognition.
Communities in Bloom is a Canadian non-profit organization focused on promoting and supporting the creation of green spaces. Their goal is to improve community pride and environmental responsibility with their horticultural supports and contests. Tignish entered the Legion’s garden in the organization’s new memorial garden contest. After Communities in Bloom representatives visited the community this summer, Tignish placed among the top six communities in the national contest.
The community’s vice chair, Ed Gallant, chauffeured the two representative to each of the community’s gardens during their visit. He said they were very impressed with the poppies at the memorial garden, which weren’t actually poppies at all, but a similar flower chosen because it was better suited for the Tignish climate.
“The other thing that really caught their eye was the way all three branches of the army services were depicted in the gardens,” said Mr Gallant, “with the big propeller and the runway for the airforce, the anchors and ropes for the navy, and the big battery gun out front from the army.”
Because they finished in the top six, Tignish received 2,000 tulip bulbs to plant around the community. The monetary value of these bulbs was estimated around $550. On Thursday, Oct 10, Mr Gallant and other volunteers spent the day planting the bulbs in each of the community’s gardens. Their volunteer force wasn’t as large as it could have been, Mr Gallant said, because they had to postpone planting twice due to weather or staffing.
Mr Gallant said the Tignish Veteran Memorial Gardens are being used on the Communities in Bloom website, acting as a template for all such gardens across the country. He said the success of the Tignish gardens shows how much pride residents have in the community, and how much work they’ve put into it.


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